Welcome to my website!

Please have a look around. I hope you find this to be an inviting space. You will find information about my approach, my training and experience, the services I offer, discussions about some important issues in psychotherapy, and how to contact me.

Are you…
…having trouble getting out of bed in the morning?
…struggling with sadness or depression?
…confused about a relationship—maybe your marriage?
…in pain or discomfort about experiences that seem to haunt you?
…wanting to have more satisfaction in your life?

We all want to be relieved of our discomfort—and most of us would also say, “As fast as possible, if you don’t mind!”

There are good solutions to these issues—and to other life challenges we face today in our very hectic lives. I hope to make frustrations like these become doorways for transformation for my clients.

I am a clinical social worker, practicing psychotherapy in central Austin. I work with a wide variety of clients who come to therapy for help with personal problems, crises, and personal growth. I also  specialize in trauma recovery, using Somatic Experiencing principles and practices; and couples counseling, using approaches that embrace the works of John Gottmann, Sue Johnson, and Stan Tatkin.